Monday, February 21, 2011

2011...Paris - Australia - Dance Clips

So much has happened since our last post! Again, our lives are so busy, we lost track of time. We promise to be more regular with our blog this year, as we have some awesome things coming up. You'll also be able to follow us on twitter - @JordanTatSwing

This January we hit Paris and Australia back to back. France was a quick 4-Day trip, with 14 hours of workshops and 1 performance over 2 days. It was definitely a packed schedule. We're so happy with how far France has come over the past 8 years, and the constant flow of new dancers.

We spent 2-1/2 weeks in Australia. It is the most intense schedule of our year. Over the course of 12 days, we taught 18 hours of workshops, 68 hours of privates between us, and 4 shows. The trip starts at the Sydney Salsa Congress at the Olympic stadium. We did our "Uprising" routine on Friday night and our "Gravity" routine on Saturday night, and were very grateful for the standing ovations. Everyone at that event was so supportive, and we had such a great time meeting new people and seeing old friends. It's absolutely one of our favorite events of the year. We danced all night both Friday and Saturday doing Salsa, Zouk and of course West Coast Swing. This event has over 6,000 in attendance over the weekend. It really was great exposure for West Coast Swing. We had a workshop on Saturday, and it was filled with about 400 people that were doing West Coast Swing for the first time. That was an incredible feeling!
Someone posted a clip from the class, take a look (click here)

The next weekend in Sydney was Nuroc's "Best of the Best" Event. Thinking back to the first time we were there in 2006, we have witnessed so much growth in numbers, as well as the quality of their dancing. We are just so proud of the Aussies. It was also Australia's first World Swing Dance Council sanctioned Jack & Jill. Now there are events in the UK, France, Australia, and more countries joining on this year. What a great time for our dance!! It truly is becoming an International sport, and being recognized more than ever by other dance genres around the world.

After working so hard for 12 days straight, we had 2 days to relax and lay in the sun on Bondi Beach. Thanks Charles & Michelle for another great trip. We can't wait till next year!!

Here are a few clips from our trip:

"Gravity" front view from Sydney Salsa Congress

"Uprising" from The Best of The Best Weekend with Nuroc Dance Company

Lead & Follow to "What's My Name" from The Best of The Best Weekend


  1. Thanks for posting! Glad to see you two on Twitter. The videos are great! Somehow I had already seen them all. I'm not a stalker...promise! lol

    I'm from Southern Illinois and I can't find anyplace near where I live that teaches WCS or has even really heard of it. I have some of your videos and it's really hard to dance wcs with yourself. (my hubby doesn't dance) ;O)

    Take care,

  2. "Uprising" is probably one of my favorite routines by you two. Just loved it! I'm so proud of you, both!
    Sue Canada