Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5 Countries in 30 Days

Before talking about our crazy schedule in April, I should mention an amazing event we attended in March. The Euro Dance Festival blew us away with their professionalism, size, and venue. Here is a picture of the ballroom we performed in:
This was just one of many ballrooms at this enormous event in Germany. It was a great mix of all forms of dance, from Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, even Hip Hop and Break Dancing. It was great exposure for West Coast Swing, which had huge workshops all weekend long. We're
looking forward to returning next year.

Now...on to April: We have been traveling overseas now for about 8 years. This month will be one of our most hectic. We start out the first weekend at the Russian Open in Moscow. From there, we travel to the UK Championships, and then back to the U.S. for Reno Dance Sensation. The day after, we are back on a flight, now heading to Florionapolis, Brazil for Baila Floripa. This is a mix of Brazillian style dances (You know we're looking forward to Zouk), Salsa, and for the 2nd year - West Coast Swing. We then finish the month in Lyon, France for the Swing Generation Dance Event. We'll try to keep you posted along the way.


  1. I am beyond excited to see you both in Az in September! I only got into WCS last week... but your videos on YouTube have made my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I am SO GLAD you will be teaching and I can't wait to learn from you both.

    Bravo!!! You are my inspiration!

  2. Hello, I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Amo o trabalho de vocês, a dança, a química dos dois. Não conhecia West Coast até que vi um vídeo de vocês... Me apaixonei!!! Me emociono toda vez que os vejo dançar. Vocês são maravilhosos. Vou procurar aqui no Rio de Janeiro, aulas de West Coast pois quero muito aprender a dançar este ritmo. Espero um dia conhecê-los pessoalmente e ter o privilégio de vê-los dançar ao vivo. Obrigado por vocês existirem!!!