Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One of the Reasons we LOVE what we do!

We continually hear how fortunate we are to do something we love, all around the world. That is so true, but sometimes it is the little things that mean even more. While in Medford Oregon, at another great workshop weekend, I had the pleasure to dance with 12 year old Isabeau Kennedy. This video was caught at the very end. Tatiana and I both started at the same age, and it means so much to see other young dancers finding West Coast Swing. It was great having her, along with all the other juniors, attending our workshops. Thanks to everyone who came this past weekend.

We are in a rush to prepare for dancing at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia this weekend. What an honor. We'll definitely fill you in when we return. LOTS TO DO!! Our flight leaves tomorrow!