Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We're so excited to announce our new routine is finally here. It feels so great to be back on the floor. As you can see from the photo, this routine is definitely different, and that's what we strive for. It is so hard to leave our previous routines, which we become so attached to over the year. The only way we can is to go in a complete different direction. The music we chose inspired a completely new look, and feel to this routine. We want to thank all of the individuals who appreciate our work, and who realize that West Coast Swing can go in different directions, and bring many more people to our dance.

The picture above was taken by Liza May, our wonderful friend at Grand Nationals. This was our debut competition since dancing at the US Open last year. With all that we've been through with my knee surgery, winning Classic was truly a dream come true. Can't wait to perform this routine all over the world. Next stop...Liberty Swing.


  1. We're so happy to discover this new direction of this routine ! Wouaouh ! Thanks for this present in Paris during the French Open !

    Just tell us when you'll post the first video in order to share with friends in all the world ! Can't wait !

    Nico from South of France !

  2. Really excited when I read this post. I love west coast swing and Muse is my favorite band! Can't wait to see you guys combining the two :)

    Hope there will be a video out soon!

    Christy from Seattle

  3. Jordan,

    I just saw your new routine on youtube. It's exactly how I hoped it would be...slammin'! After viewing some of the video comments, it seems people either love it or don't care for it. Some people can't accept/embrace change...

    You guys raise the bar every time!!! Keep it up!

  4. Jordan

    I for one was thankful that you decided to move towards more energetic (even politically charged...) music. 2009 was pretty close and going in that direction (great routine!) but this is the step that I think WCS needs to move to - flat out - take the modern/jazz mix it together and there is simply no end to what can be done with some of the brilliant and dramatic music (such as in the Matrix series, etc.) that is available. We have lived to long with bland, boring music -

    Thanks for taking the step!!