Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We're a little behind in posting...and we apologize for that. Ever since we started back to work full time in March, it has been non-stop.

In April, we had to pleasure of going to Brazil for the first time. It wasn't the smoothest start to an event, but it was one of the most memorable. We were scheduled to leave on a Wednesday, but our flight was canceled, and we were bumped to the next day. That flight made it fine to Miami. When we left for Brazil, about 1/2 hour into our trip, we had to turn around and make an emergency landing back in Miami because the plane's radar went out. We were surrounded by fire trucks and emergency vehicles, but we were all fine. We now had a 3 hour layover until the plane was fixed. All we knew is we were already a day behind, and due to go to work within a few hours of our arrival. We started off, and this time everything went smooth, or so we thought. We arrived in one piece, but without luggage from Friday morning until Saturday evening, only 30 minutes before our performance!! We were in such a bad mood, having to meet everyone and start teaching in the clothes we were traveling in. Needless to say, their enthusiasm made us forget how uncomfortable we were. It was one of the best receptions we've ever had. THANK YOU BRAZIL. We really love you guys!!

The event really boosted their interest in West Coast Swing, and we had a great time dancing all the different Brazilian styles, especially Zouk. They've wanted to bring us out for 5 years, and it was finally here!! The dancing was amazing and the friends were even more so. We look forward to returning there again in December.

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